Fischer28 Interview

The third in the series of Interviews with the competitors in this year’s Space Elevator games is now available.  I talk with Michael Fischer of Team Fischer28.  Michael is a veteran of the 2005 Space Elevator games and his climber has a rather novel way of propelling its way up the tether.  In addition, Michael presented a paper at this year’s 2006 ISDC conference on his method.  You can find the paper here (Bob Munck alert – it’s in pdf format).

You can listen to the interview (an .mp3 file) here.

(Note that the sound quality is not that great; I’m not sure why – I’ll be working on cleaning it up and reposting it as soon as I can)

2 thoughts on “Fischer28 Interview

  1. Joe Kirk Thomas

    I have tried to find the actual interview, but the website seems to go in circles.

    Where is tha actual transcript of the interview?

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    There is no transcript – it’s an audio interview. If you click on the word “here” in the last sentence (you can listen to the interview here), it should play. Note that you need to have an mp3 player installed (RealNetworks, Quicktime, Windows Media player, etc.)

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