USST Interview

The second in the series of Interviews with the competitors in this year’s Space Elevator games is now available.  I talk with Clayton Ruszkowski from the University of Saskatchewan (USST) team, the group with the Lifter that climbed the highest in last year’s competition.  Find out if they attribute their success last year to superior Canadian beer.

You can listen to the interview (an .mp3 file) here.

3 thoughts on “USST Interview

  1. Ted Semon Post author

    You could be right – they certainly did well last year. And I wouldn’t mind them finishing 1-2-3 as long as they brought enough Canadian beer to share with everyone…

  2. Edward Ewing Staton

    I think you guys are close to solveing the Space Elevator problem…………Would the Canadian Government finance a 100,000 Km Elevator with Space Anchor, in order, to take the initiative in this particular field?

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