A Plea for Help with Ruby on Rails

Normally I don’t re-post anything off of the LiftPort blog – figuring that if someone is interested in it, they can just subscribe to it directly.  However, Tom Nugent has posted a request for help in a web-based database application that perhaps some of my readers might be interested in contributing to.  Following is his complete post;

“I’m working on setting up a database-backed web application for outlining space elevator research questions, as part of the work we’re doing this summer with our interns. (I hope to talk about the project in more detail in a future blog post.) I’m not a web programmer by training; I’ve done bits of PHP and database design here and there, but not enough to be an expert. I’m using Ruby on Rails for this task, which has certainly boosted my productivity relative to using PHP. But I need to get a lot more done in a very short time (think: within a week), hence I’m sending out a plea to our community at large.

If you’re a programmer who has strong experience with Ruby on Rails and are willing to offer suggestions, feedback, discussion, and/or improvement of code related to furthering the space elevator project, please get in touch with me. My email address is ‘tom DOT nugent AT liftport DOT com’ (is it hopeless to think that this kind of mis-writing of an email address will fool spam address-harvesting bots?). Thanks!”

So, if anyone can help him out, please send him an email…

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