Blogger responses to Nicola Pugno study

There have been a lot of blogger posts about the Nicola Pugno study.  Rather than continue to put each one in a separate entry, I’m going to combine them in this one.


At Advanced Technology, David Louisa is optimistic

At Space.QJ.Net, they’re concentrating on which channel of Muzak should be playing.’s take on it…


Over at The End of the Universe, Captain Xerox (copy that) is all doom-and-gloom


Eric Zorn is a columnist at the Chicago Tribune and he’s one of my favorite reads.  In his blog “Change of Subject“, he wrote this: “The idea of a space elevator was popularized in science fiction, where writers envisioned a 100,000-kilometre-long cable stretching straight up from the Earth’s surface and fixed in a geosynchronous orbit. Payloads, or tourists, would simply ascend the cable into low-Earth orbit, eliminating the need for rocket launches.” discusses the latest research. (via Digg)“.  The story is, of course, the negative one saying that a carbon nanotubes won’t work because of their “inherent defects.”  It’s nice to have the Space Elevator mentioned by someone with such a large audience, but anyone looking at only this story will not see the other side of the story.  I left a comment directing people to my blog – others may wish to point his readers to other information.


At, Chad quotes Clarke’s First Law in response.


At Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds is not discouraged.

Neither is Brent Kearney.

Bill Christensen at weighs in


The Slashdot crowd weighs in with several hunred comments in their thread on the subject…


Skeptipundit says “…does seem that there are some new challenges to overcome.”

Colony Worlds opines that it’s much too soon to draw conclusions.

Tom Nugent at LiftPort is not discouraged.

At the Velcro City Tourist Board (cool name, that), he’s disappointed but not discouraged.  He also weighs in on the Space Pier option.

futurismic’s Armchair Anarchist says we’ve created a blogstorm.

LiftPort’s Brian Dunbar says that nothing has really changed.


At My Corner of the Universe, blogger Cameron Peters hopes that despite the objections of Nicola Pugno, he’ll still be able to take a ride in a Space Elevator.

At advanced nanotechnology, blogger Brian Wang weighs in with his opinion, that the Space Pier is a superior concept and can be built with today’s materials.


At Pop Philosophy, Daniel Moore comments.

Hyperion Court weighs in on Space Elevators, including the latest controversy.  As always, Brian was there ahead of me.

4 thoughts on “Blogger responses to Nicola Pugno study

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  2. Dave Shepel

    I’m not a scientist, but since it looks like a quantum leap in technology is required to make this idea work on the earth, I am wondering if maybe the idea of nanotube structures for the lift might work on the moon? Since NASA has no idea what the new lander might be, with this tech, would we even need one?

  3. Edwin

    One thing caught my attention In the Space Elevator discussion, there are worries about the tether weight, when space is weightless. I am no expert, but I don’t see where weight will be affecting anything.

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