The space elevator: going down?

In this article, the author cites a study by Nicola Pugno of the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, which indicates that carbon nanotubes are not strong enough to make a Space Elevator because of their “inevitable defects”.  And, he says, even if the defect problem could be overcome, “damage from micrometeorites and even erosion by oxygen atoms would render them weak. So can a space elevator be made? “With the technology available today? Never,” he says.”

This article has, obviously, generated quite a stir.  Some of the debate can be seen over at the Yahoo Space Elevator forum.

5 thoughts on “The space elevator: going down?

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  3. Blake Ratcliff

    Perhaps the correct question is how long of an elevator can reasonably be constructed? The cost to reach geosynchronous orbit or escape velocity is very great. On the other hand, reaching the lower end of an elevator teather might lower the cost dramatically.

  4. kie

    sounds more like challenges than dead ends. why not have the climber heal the ribbon as it travels, like a spider?

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