One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

Over at Lunar Lander Challenge, Robin writes, in some detail, about NASA’s Centennial Challenges.  Though the bulk of the article discusses the X Prize, he does mention the Tether and Climber challenges.

One line in the story stood out; “…now that Spaceward Foundation is considering an invitation to stage its competitions in Las Cruces this year.”  Note the verb “considering.”  So is the date/location change to October 19th-22nd / Las Cruces (as reported at the Space Elevator Reference site) definite or not?  I called Elevator2010 and left a message – hopefully they’ll call me back soon and I’ll let everyone know.

2 thoughts on “One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

  1. Robin

    Maybe that “considering” was outdated by the time it was printed in The Space Review, because Ben Shelef did indicate that the Spaceward competitions would happen at X Prize Cup. But there’s been no official announcement, and the Elevator 2010 website still says July-August, 2006, in Mountain View, CA. The Centennial Challenges website still says Aug 4-6, 2006 for Beam Power (Climber) and Tether competitions. Possible that the websites just aren’t updated yet…?

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    “Possible that the websites just aren’t updated yet…?” Yes, it’s certainly possible. I’ve called them a couple of times – no response. However, I just received an email response from Marc telling me that the games have been moved to October 20th – 22nd as the “engineering teams agreed that they needed more time.”  I’ve emailed him back for clarification as to the starting date (19th or the 20th) and will post an announcement when I know.


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