Descolgándose en Marte

It’s a good thing that “Space Elevator” is the same in Spanish as it is in English, or I would have never known that this Spanish-language blog had mentioned it.  The blog entry is talking about the Mars Rovers and, at the end, mentions a Space Elevator.

7 thoughts on “Descolgándose en Marte

  1. Brian

    In the interests of full disclosure, Jorge Revilla and Manuel Cuba hold the billet ‘Latin America Research Coordinator’ at Liftport.

  2. Brian

    Probably. My Spanish is non-existant and BabelFish is less than transmitting nuanced collequal translaations.

    I am going to have to break down and learn Spanish – learning a foreign language is an outrage to a brain as old as mine. But if Liftport really truly takes off we’ll have facilities down there.

  3. Ted Semon Post author

    I spent 8 years in Saudi Arabia and did my darndest to learn Arabic. I succeeded to some small degree. I can’t see any Space Elevator facilities in the Middle East, but I certainly could see some Arab money in helping to build it at some point.

  4. JL Revilla

    Hi there,

    Well, yes, of course the comment was possitive 🙂 But we’ve also been mentioned in other blogs and news pages in spanish thanks to Manuel’s PR work…

    The problem with pages in spanish about the SE is that most information is outdated, kind of what you found in english pages around the year 2000, with the same mistakes. So we´ve been contacting all the webmasters and bloggers to help them get the facts right and up to date.


    Jorge L Revilla

  5. Kingsley Sears

    Manuel Antonio Cuba – are you the Hope College soccer star??

    Kingsley Sears in Warren, MI

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