Google Earth Space Elevator

I’ve not played around with the Google Earth Tool (though my 13-year old son downloaded it and creeped out my wife by being able to zoom into our house), but now I have a reason to.  Over at GoogleEarthBlog, FrankTaylor has posted a 3D Space Elevator model, GoogleEarth ready.  Very cool.

As soon as I can get my son to quit modding up his XBOX (again), maybe he can take pity on me and show me how to use this.

1 thought on “Google Earth Space Elevator

  1. Brian

    It’s a breeze.

    I clicked the file on the post, told my OS to open that file with Google Earth and Bob’s Your Uncle – it’s in Google Earth.

    Click the name of the ojbet to zoom to it. Open the object and there are data elements in the object – in this case platform, a lifter, space station at GEO and the distant end.

    My initial take is that it wasn’t to scale – and it’s not or you could not see it until you’re close. But the altitude of the various bits are spot on.

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