The Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) Blog

I just found out that Devin Jacobson, a member of the Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA), has been maintaining a blog entitled “JSEA Activities” (a name almost as unique as the one on this blog :).

Many of the posts are about Devin’s thoughts about space and the future and many of them are about activities at the JSEA.  For example, his current post talks about the recently completed JSETEC (Japan Space Elevator Technical and Engineering Competition).

I’ve put his blog into my RSS FeedReader and recommend you do the same…

3 thoughts on “The Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) Blog

  1. William Ingram

    My conceptions is based on three sources of power.

    1. Laser or Microwave from the earth’s surface to provide motor power to the elevator
    2. Solar Cell “on” the elevator itself for added assist and operation.
    3. Space Station array of large solar collectors which would be much more efficient in space than on the ground or in between.

    The elevator itself could climb a tethered carbon fiber rope (anchored to the earth) with another carbon fiber tether directly to the space station which would be “pulling” it up or easing it back to earth. On decent it would generate power and store it for the next accent.

    Brakes could be applied if the tether was severed, however if the elevator was high enough it could continue to climb but that would mean that the space station would also climb – (Unless) it to was tethered independently from the elevator tether.

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