Affordable to the Individual Space Flight

This web site has evidently been in existence for some time (since 1998?), but I just stumbled across it today.  It purports to describe a concept where with “today’s technology”, humanity could build a system which would make space flight much more affordable.  The key concept is a “Earth Orbiting Elevator”, a skyhook.  The author doesn’t describe what the “Elevator” would be made of, but it’s an interesting site nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Affordable to the Individual Space Flight

  1. esarmont

    The Earth Orbiting Elevator was designed using existing commercially available graphite fibers and a thermoplastic matrix.
    No yet=to=be=made wonder materials or technologies are included in the design. It is based entirely on existing materials and technology.

  2. Brian

    Excellent. Now all you need is a solid biz plan, a few million dollars, some good lawyers, etc.

    Being cynical (or realistic) it’s not enough to have a good idea you need to execute on the idea.

    Yes, that is a pot calling the kettle black thing.

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