LiftPort and Kickstarter…

As part of the “LiftPort 2.0” relaunch, Michael Laine and company have created a Kickstarter campaign to finance some projects they want to do/accomplish.

Their initial goal was to raise $8K to finance some fairly low-grade experiments and they have totally blown by that (their campaign has raised over $60K at the time of this blog post – MOST impressive…).  This will allow them to fund some of their ‘stretch’ goals which are much more ambitious undertakings.

I spent some time with Michael at the recent Space Elevator Conference (posts about this Conference are coming soon – promise!) and it was very good to interact with him again.  He’s a dynamic force in the community and I’m glad he’s back.

I’ve become a sponsor of the LiftPort KickStarter project (at the Video Channel level – I think it’s a great idea) and I encourage you to do the same (at any level).  There’s a lot we need to learn to make a Space Elevator a possibility and this effort will contribute to the total body of knowledge that will be necessary to make this most magnificent of all engineering projects a reality.

(Note that funding for these projects will close on September 13th, so act soon if you want to be a part of this!) 

4 thoughts on “LiftPort and Kickstarter…

  1. dmal

    Great post. Yes, I agree. Let’s remember that 1 success amidst many failures is still a success that could compensate or justify all efforts.

    In business, and in education, failure is the rule, and success only comes after many failures, but that success often defines the whole fiasco.

    I’ll try to contribute resources into Laine’s continuing line offandangos.

  2. Michael J. Laine (@mlaine)

    Hi Ted! Thanks for the support! I’m really excited about the Video Channel!

    DMAL, thank you for understanding this. I learned a lot from the successes and mistakes at LiftPort 1.0, and I’m hopeful that I can apply them to this new version of LiftPort 2.0!

    Take care,
    Michael Laine, President, LiftPort Group

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