“Getting to space on a thread…”

While reviewing some of the older Space Elevator Conference programs and trying to see if some of the presenters were still active in the SE arena, I ran across this 2007 paper by Major Jason Kent.

This paper, entitled “Getting to Space on a Thread – Space Elevator as an Alternative Access to Space” was a “Blue Horizons paper” written for the Center for Strategy and Technology for the Air War College.

Major Kent presented a couple of papers at the 2008 Space Elevator Conference and I remember having some very interesting discussions with him during one of the lunches.

Because a Space Elevator will allow such scalable, reliable (and relatively inexpensive) access to space, there is no question that it will be a very significant military asset to whoever controls it.  There is a viewpoint that if the world cooperatively builds a Space Elevator, then, perhaps, we can make it a ‘universal good’, much like, say, the Internet is.  Others (including me) are not so optimistic.

Regardless, it is very interesting to see a military evaluation of the Space Elevator and the article is (IMHO) well worth the read.

2 thoughts on ““Getting to space on a thread…”

  1. hank

    when You say that you “aren’t so optemistic” are you refering to the idea of it’s existance, or the idea of it being a global co-operative effortt

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    My pessimism is about it being a global effort. I think that it will be built by one nation, or perhaps a couple working jointly together. I don’t see a UN aspect to this…

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