When the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) was first formed, the only website available with the ISEC acronym was  Much later on, became available and we snatched it up.  You can visit either URL and see the ISEC website, but our internal/external email addresses have always been, not  This has been due to the vagaries of Google email and our own internal procrastination to ‘bite the bullet’ to favor one URL over the other.

We are now finally transitioning our email to the address.  These new email addresses are now active and the email addresses we have used in the past are being phased out.

So, the upshot of this all is this – if you want to contact ISEC or anyone in ISEC, you will need to start using the following email addresses:

  • Ted Semon – President and Director (
  • Peter Swan – Vice-President and Director (
  • Martin Lades – Secretary and Director (
  • Skip Penny – Treasurer and Director (
  • Ben Shelef – Director and Technical Pillar lead (
  • Markus Klettner – Director (
  • Bryan Laubscher – Director (
  • Ben Jarrell – Legal Pillar lead (
  • Matt Gjertsen – Public Relations Pillar lead (
  • David Horn – Conferences Chairman (
  • CLIMB – The Space Elevator Journal (
  • Membership services (
  • Customer Service (

All other ISEC email addresses are going to be phased out in the next few weeks, so please, update your address books.  If you try to send an email to an email address after that time, you’ll get a polite email informing you that the old addresses no longer work and that you have to use the new ones…

And, if you want to talk about something related to ISEC, please feel free to email me at

Thank you!