Michael Laine to appear on The Space Show

On Tuesday, March 20th, Michael Laine (of LiftPort fame) will appear on Dr. David Livingston’s The Space Show.  From the Who’s On The Space Show This Week email:

We welcome back MICHAEL LAINE of Liftport to discuss his Lunar Space Elevator Concept. Visit his website for more information. 

The show will be aired at 7-8:30 PM PDT (10-11:30 PM EDT, 9-10:30 PM CDT) and you are encouraged to call in to ask Michael any questions you might have.

And, you can view the Space Show Website Newsletter to get a detailed bio of Michael as well as information about how to call into the show.

(Image thumbnail of “Moonlifter”, from the Liftport site).  Visit the Liftport 2.0 page – Art of the Elevator to see a full-size version of this picture as well as many more images that have been posted).

2 thoughts on “Michael Laine to appear on The Space Show

  1. dmal

    Michael’s team have supposedly calculated that a space elevator could be built on the near-side of the moon, with the earth’s gravity pulling a weighted ribbon taught. The purpose is that moon launches could make a soft landing on the moon.

    Callers made rapid fire objects to the idea, but Michael claims the thing is theoretically possible. He said that collecting precious metals from moon dust would make the enterprise economically feasible.

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