New Space Elevator article – and crunchy ice cream…

David Appell, PhD and independent science journalist, has penned an article about the Space Elevator, partly based on his experience attending last year’s Space Elevator conference in Redmond.

At some point, it’s supposed to appear in the UK Magazine “Physics World” but you can read it now on his website.  It’s a fairly comprehensive article.

And the relation to ice cream?  Well, that’s in the article – supplemental reading here.

3 thoughts on “New Space Elevator article – and crunchy ice cream…

  1. d

    Appell’s article is a good introduction to the concept, and fairly covers the space elevator materials and its potential destruction (quell fears of catastrophy).

    The thing I’m wanting is a “yes we can!” response to all the detractors. There are many who think the concept will not work.

    The space elevator is not on the NASA roadmap, as Appell states. Well, how about rail guns, an orbital air ship, a mile high tower launch pad, or the US Navy’s tether launch jet aircraft?

    Hello? Did someone say the space elevator will not work? Can we respond to each detraction, one at a time? Sarting with correalis effect?

    There are many people devoting time and money to this thing, but we need to get a probabilty about whether it will fly (no pun intended).

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    Hello – we already have something like this. If you go to and then go to Resources -> Space Elevator Basics -> Space Elevator FAQ, you will find answers to the most common ‘problems’ that people bring up about a Space Elevator.

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