The Space Elevator conference and io9

Over at io9, they have a summary posted about the recently completed Space Elevator Conference.  I’ll be doing my own in the near future, but thought I would link to this for your enjoyment.

You should especially check out the brief interview with Mark Haase.  Mark is a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati and a longtime fan of the space elevator.  He gave one of the presentations on Friday, the “carbon nanotube day”.  He has an interesting comparison between the development of carbon nanotubes and the development of aluminum.

I have one problem with the io9’s graphic of the space elevator though, it has a very ‘Chinese theme’.  As I’ve written before, in the long run I don’t care who builds the space elevator as long as it gets built, but I’ll be very, very, very disappointed in my fellow Americans if we don’t do it first…

And finally, the article was written by Annalee Newitz – Annalee and I have corresponded before via email.  This year she attended the conference and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person – You have a great site Annalee and thanks for coming to the Conference!

11 thoughts on “The Space Elevator conference and io9

  1. Tom

    The chance of this being built by a nation state, as opposed to a muti-national company are probably zero.

    Why should seeing some advertising on the side of an illustration targeting people who speak one particular language have anything to do with who built it ? Seems a big leap to make if you don’t care…

  2. D. Grant L.

    There is a problem with your “Space Elevator” Idea. As soon as the space elevator gets out of the atmosphere, the gravity pulling from the earth and the no gravity pulling from space will cause the space elevator to pull apart, ruining it. I don’t see how you’re going to get past that.

  3. dave

    I agree with Tom. The problem with your article is that you fall right in to the category of people who will keep this from ever happening, in our lifetimes, because you are bound by imaginary lines. What is America and China, really? It’s a lie.

  4. Ted Semon Post author

    Hello Michael – this is being worked on. The committee has been catching up. 2008, 2009 have been published and I think 2010 is nearly done. 2011 is next up.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Ted Semon Post author

    Hi Eric – yes I know, no updates for several months. I apologize but I needed to take a break from blogging. My batteries are recharged and I’m once again posting. Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!

  6. Ted Semon Post author

    To D.Grant L., there is no issue with this. The proposed tether is strong enough to handle to pull from earth’s gravity and from the counterweight at the top (held up by centrifugal force).

    But there is no material strong enough today to build a Space Elevator (on earth). Carbon Nanotubes and Boron Nitride Nanotubes hold the greatest promise and work is proceeding apace on these technologies. Stay tuned!

  7. Ted Semon Post author

    To Tom and Dave – I thought I was clear when I wrote “…in the long run I don’t care who builds the space elevator as long as it gets built.”

    It may be the Chinese first (though I would bet in India doing it before they did) and, if so, more power to them.

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