“We welcome Science on this program along with Food & Shopping”

As I blogged about previously, David Horn and Maurice Franklin, two of the co-chairs of the upcoming Space Elevator Conference, appeared on KING TV on the New Day Northwest show.

David and Maurice did, IMHO, an excellent job in explaining the concept of a space elevator and talking about the upcoming Space Elevator conference and NASA/Spaceward Strong Tether Challenge.  They also explained local area (Seattle) tie-ins to the Conference and to the Space Elevator.

You can view the show online here – Great job guys!

And, it’s still not to late to register to attend the Conference – the registration link is here.  It promises to be the best conference ever.  Friday is dedicated to talking about carbon nanotubes with several invited experts attending and giving presentations.  Saturday and Sunday are devoted to talking about all aspects of the Space Elevator.  There’s a family track, a Lego competition, the NASA/Spaceward $2Million Strong Tether Challenge and much more.

Oh, and where did the title for this blog post come from?  Watch the interview and find out ?

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