A couple of videos…

Some new videos about Space Elevators have shown up on YouTube.

The first appears to be from a German Television show.  As I don’t speak German, I don’t know how accurate the presentation was but their graphic did show a Space Elevator taking off from a land-base, probably something that is not going to happen (the Base station will probably be based at sea).  Most of the video centered around the German team that participated in the Japan Space Elevator Games.

This second video is very interesting (IMHO).  Anyone who was at the Space Elevator Conference in Redmond, Washington last year got to meet Space Elevator inventor Yuri Artsutanov and his interpreter, Eugene Schlusser.  Eugene visited Yuri in Russia and enlisted his help in trying to find his (Eugene’s) Uncle’s grave.  Eugene had this to say about the trip:

We did find my uncle’s grave the next day! He died there in 1943 in the war. This was the first time I had met Yuri, through my cousin Natalie Sherman.

She thought it was not safe for me to travel alone in these remote parts of Russia so Yuri was my well informed chaperon and delightful companion.

It’s interesting to see what the reaction is to Yuri from some of the people they ran into during the search…