EuSEC moved to August, 2011

In order to accommodate some additional teams, the date of the first annual European Space Elevator Challenge (EuSEC) has been moved from June to August 19-21 (with a backup date of August 26-28).

Several teams have signed up including entries from England, Germany, Japan, Macedonia and Iran!  In addition to the Games themselves, there will be other presentations at the competition including;

  • 30m long Carbon Nanotube rope presented by the Cambridge Carbon Nanotechnology Society
  • The SpaceShaft” presented by Nelson Semino
  • An alternative concept for the Space Elevator presented by Anulekh Chauhan via Skype

A 30 m long Carbon Nanotube rope?  I hope they take pictures!  Anyway, this sounds like it is shaping up to be an awesome event.  More details about it can be found on their website.