There’s an app for that!

For the very first (and, hopefully, only) time, I’m sorry I’m not an Apple guy.  The Japan Space Elevator Association has just released a Space Elevator app for the iPAD.  The graphic shown in the picture is the cover of a booklet that Mr. Shigeo Saito of the JSEA wrote & released a year or two ago (I have a copy somewhere, but can’t lay my hands on it at the moment).

The URL describing it doesn’t say much about the app other than “…can watch a movie of the Japan Space Elevator technology competition 2009…”.

This is bittersweet news for me.  I’ve been working on my own SE app – this for the Android and some other tablets, but the JSEA beat me to it.  Congratulations Shigeo Saito & JSEA and if anyone wants to spend the 99 cents for it and play it on their iPAD, please write me up a quick review that I can post here and share with everyone…

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