The Engineer’s Pulse

There is a new blog out there that I would like to inform all of my reader’s about – “The Engineer’s Pulse“.  It is authored by Stephen Cohen.

Stephen Cohen, earned his Bachelor’s (2004) and Master’s (2006) Degrees in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University.  His thesis describes the dynamics of a space elevator, and he has published several scientific papers on the topic.  He worked at MDA Space as a Structural Engineer, where he helped to design space antenna payloads to survive the rigours of space launch and the orbital environment.

Stephen presented a paper on tether dynamics at the 2009 Space Elevator Conference, a paper that was well done and was very well received.

Recently, Stephen submitted an article for our upcoming ISEC Journal.  The article was rejected, sadly, not because it was poorly done or anything like that, but because it was “too general”.  However, Stephen has recently posted this article, “The Space Elevator: Past, Present, Future” on his website and I highly recommend both it and his blog in general.