Happy Birthday Sir Clarke!

Had the great man continued to be with us, today would have been Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s 93rd birthday.

I found this video of him (thank you Universe Today) from 1964 as he tried his hand at prognosticating.  Nothing about Space Elevators or anything like that, but he predicted the demise of cities because of the coming communications revolution.  He was wrong about the demise of cities – they’re bigger and more numerous than ever before, but he was spot on about the communications revolution, even successfully predicting that surgeons in one location could actually ‘operate’ on a patient in another.  We’re not quite there yet, but we’re darn close.

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur – and when we build it, we’ll name it after you!


1 thought on “Happy Birthday Sir Clarke!

  1. David Howe

    We all miss you Arthur. I would like to see one of the stations named after him. We also need a 3rd Station, one just above low earth orbit at which ALL upbound interchange into zero gravity transport which would travel MUCH QUICKER within a carbon tube constructed (95,000km) from numerous nano tubes.

    This would reduce travel time and therefore much of the weight needed to support this waste. Also with the varying weight problems each low weight ‘capsule’ will require to be self contained from go to woe and back. Go Go GO.

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