We’ve reached CNET…

The news that both Yuri Artsutanov and Jerome Pearson will be attending the upcoming Space Elevator Conference has reached the lofty realm of CNET.

From Chris Matyszczyk’s CNET Technically Incorrect blog:

“Artsutanov was apparently the first, in the early 1960s, to posit the idea of attaching cables to a satellite and creating a two-way elevator between us and the great beyond.

Pearson, in 1975, did his own thinking on the subject while at NASA and published “The Orbital Tower: A Spacecraft Launcher Using The Earth’s Rotational Energy.”

Since then, the thinking appears to have solidified. As the conference’s Web site puts it: “The Space Elevator uses a carbon nanotube ribbon that stretches from the surface of the earth to a counterweight in space. Climbers ascend the ribbon lifting cargo and passengers to earth orbits and launching spacecraft to distant planets.”

I am not sure whether this includes Pluto, but I am very sure that, if it does not, this should be a serious offense.”

Yes Chris, we consider Pluto a very worthy destination, regardless of whether or not it’s considered a planet…

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