Updates from LaserMotive

LaserMotive has posted several updates at their blog recently and I’ve been remiss in not linking to them.

In this first post, LaserMotive welcomes a new resource, someone actually assigned to update their blog (I’m jealous).  Check out the post and welcome to Brian Beckley!

In the second post (Brian’s first), we get more details about the last-night weight loss that the LaserMotive Climber went through to try and win Level 2 of the Power-Beaming / Climber prize – a cool $1.1 Million.  With at least a portion of the Level 1 prize, $900,000, already assured, team LaserMotive could afford to go for (not) broke and trim everything they could off of their climber.  Read all of the details of the “Otis diet” here

Finally,  we begin to see some of the fruits of the $900,000 won in the competition. Tom Nugent and Dave Bashford have now become full-time employees of LaserMotive.  Read all of the details here.

These guys are bright and they are motivated, and now they are funded.  I’m sure we’re going to see some really good results coming from them soon.

Congratulations again to Team LaserMotive!