A very special “Elevator to Space”

It’s good to see that our intrepid explorers can talk through these issues and help each other out when the need arises…



I identified with this webisode as I’ve often been the guilty party when my wife has yelled out “Hey, who ate all the ice cream?”  I’ve also tried the Astronaut Ice Cream, having purchased some at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Gift Shop (yes, there really is one there and they have some cool stuff for sale) during the Space Elevator Games tests and competition.  I wasn’t expecting much, but they’re actually edible.  I should have refrigerated them before eating though – then I think they would have tasted more like ice cream.

And I should mention that this episode 19 in the Elevator to Space series.  I’m glad to see that these guys aren’t winding down and continue to entertain us with their humor.

Visit their website to view all of the webisodes – thanks guys – I’m always very happy when my RSS reader tells me you have a new webisode up…

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