Time to celebrate!

Last night, we had a celebration party at Domingo’s – a restaurant in nearby Boron that is the place the Shuttle astronauts eat at when they land the Shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base.

We had the entire patio reserved and, outside of being a bit chilly, the atmosphere was superb.

There were at least 60 people in our party.  There were people from NASA, Spaceward, the helicopter crew, TRUMPF and, of course, the three teams.

Good mexican food and beer, lots of camaraderie and a celebration of an event that was extremely successful – what more could you want?

I’ve included a few pictures in this post.  The topmost one is of the outside of Domingo’s – very festive as you can see.

The second is of part of the assembled party-goers.  Truly, everyone had a good time.

And the third shows LaserMotive team member Dave Bashford wearing a sombrero.  It was his birthday yesterday (Quite a birthday, yes? – being part of a team that had just been awarded $900K!) and the restaurant gave him their ‘birthday salute’.  They smeared his face with whipped cream, put the sombrero on his head and sang Happy Birthday to him in Spanish and English (I missed the whipped cream part but was told about it).

Happy Birthday Dave!

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  1. Elizabeth

    For those who were watching the Games but don’t know the LaserMotive team, Dave is otherwise known as “the guy on the bike.”

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