The ‘official word’

Over at, the official website of the Space Elevator Games, Spaceward Foundation CEO Ben Shelef gives us his take on the just completed testing, complete with a short video of part of the testing.

The raceway is READY – now it’s just down to scheduling.  When can we get the venue, when can TRUMPF bring their laser and when can the teams finalize their schedule so that this can all happen?

It shouldn’t be long – we’re hoping for the competition to occur in October.

And, in case the Two Million Dollar Grand Prize goes unclaimed this time ’round again (though many of us will be surprised if that happens), the raceway and requirements for the 2010 Space Elevator Games would remain unchanged; i.e. an average speed of 5km over the full kilometer climb.  This means that if Spaceward and NASA do have to schedule another set of Games next year, there will be no change to the raceway – it’s ready to go…

Stay tuned!