Quick update

I just spoke to Ben Shelef, CEO of the Spaceward Foundation and the driving force behind the Space Elevator Games.  As I indicated in my previous post, Ben was coordinating another test of the Space Elevator ‘race course’ this weekend and he tells me that everything went as well as could have been hoped for.  They didn’t do a full-height test on the helicopter (that will be about 5,000 feet), but they did do multiple ascents / descents of the helicopter and steel cable raceway up to 1,000 feet.  All went well, everything remained under control.

This is great news and means that a second test, scheduled for sometime in the next couple of weeks can now take place.  This will be a test of the system to it’s full, 5,000 foot height.  If that works (and now we have great optimism that it will), then the Cliimber / Power-Beaming competition will be a  “go”.

I should have more details of today’s testing, including pictures, in the next day or two.

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  2. Casey Kaplan

    This is a good start. This is equivalent to a 1903 airplane,but this is a pre-experimental space elevator that went up 1,000 feet good start.

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