KC Space Pirates to appear on the Science Channel

I received this email from Brian Turner, captain of the Kansas City Space Pirates:

Tomorrow night we are supposed the be on the Science Channel. Exodus Earth series Exoplanet episode. According to the guide on my TV it airs at 4 pm CST. They seem to be rerunning the episodes many times, so it is confusing if you are watching the first run or a previous episode.


I have not seen this so I have no idea what to expect.

Brian Turner

The blurb for the show reads as follows:

In his hardest mission, Basil Singer plans a journey to Gliese 581c – a planet round a distant sun. To power him there within a human lifetime, he investigates space sails and nuclear bombs. He finds that the ‘second earth’ might have purple trees.

No mention of a Space Elevator, but as they’re talking about alternatives to rockets, it is plausible that at least a mention of a Space Elevator will be made – hopefully more.

The ‘Tomorrow night” Brian is speaking of is tonight, Friday, June 26th.  According to the listings, however, this show is appearing a few times on the Science Channel, so you should have a chance to watch or TIVO it.  As they say, check your local listings…

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  1. Dan Bloomfield

    I saw that episode and they had a good bit of footage of the KC Space Pirates, who I had no idea existed, and I didn’t know that Nasa was sponsoring an space elevator competition, so it was very informative. If all the billions that were being sunk into Ares/Constellation were put to elevator research I think they could have one up in 20 years, maybe less.

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