And so it begins…

My other project is finished and I’m now transitioning to “Space Elevator Week”.  I’ll get a few hours of sleep tonight before I’m off to LAX tomorrow.  Then I’ll pick up a car and head on out to Mojave to meet up with Ben Shelef, CEO of the Spaceward Foundation (hosts of the Space Elevator Games) and various Climber / Power-Beaming team members.

This coming week is critical and unprecedented; because of the sophistication of the Games this year, Ben has been able to set up a ‘test week’ to iron out the inevitable kinks; both in the Games themselves and in the reporting/publicizing of them.

We’ll have a helicopter, we’ll have a winch, we’ll have a steel cable, we’ll have climbers, we’ll have lasers and we’ll have bodies – This coming week is intended to put it all together so that when the actual Games happen (the week of July 13th), all of the teams will have the maximum opportunity to put together a winning climb.

This is the year to make it happen.  We’ve been so close before, now it’s time to get it done…

I’ll be blogging a lot during the coming week, but I hope to be Twittering even more.  They have excellent Verizon coverage at the base and, as I’m a Verizon user, I should be able to Twitter away on my Palm Treo.  So, if you want to stay up to date with all of the events as they happen, follow me on Twitter (see my Twitter updates on the sidebar of this blog – follow me as “SEGames”, not as ‘tedsemon’).

And while there will be updates here, too, on my blog, the official site of the Games is

This should be exciting!