A message from USST

On the USST website, a “Message from the President” was recently posted.  An excerpt:

“We have the basics of the logistics figured out but once we get a final date and a bit more information we can finalize the plans. It will be nice for the team to work towards a date instead of just working all the time without a real end in sight.”

As the date of the competition IS now established, I’m sure the USST team is now very busy ‘finalizing their plans’.  This team has to be considered as one of the favorites, considering their ‘best-in-show’ performances in all of the previous Climber / Power-Beaming competitions.  The video below is their best performance from the 2007 Games held near Salt Lake City in Utah.  They needed to be to the top in< 50 seconds but arrived in ~54 seconds – very close indeed.


As we’ll be almost certainly running the competition during the day, we won’t have any of these cool night shots this time around…