Call for Papers

A “Call for Papers” has been issued for the 2009 Space Elevator Conference.  From the document;

The Space Engineering and Science Institute Presents
2009 Space Elevator Conference
Redmond, Washington, USA
Sponsored by Microsoft Corporation

Call for Presentations and Papers

The 2009 Space Elevator Conference is a four day conference to be held in Redmond, Washington at the Microsoft Conference Center on August 13-16, 2009.  The conference, focusing on all aspects of Space Elevator development, will engage an international audience of scientists, engineers, educators, managers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and students. This conference will feature topical discussions in all of the Four Pillars of Space Elevator Development: Science/Technical, Political/Social, Legal, and Economic. In addition, we anticipate technical and speculative presentations on the topics mentioned below. We invite you to present a paper on a topic of your interest. The evening of August 12 a public presentation on the Space Elevator will be held at the Microsoft Conference Center.

The effort to organize this conference started immediately after the conference last year ended and it promises to be the best ever.  If you have some expertise in a topic relating to the Space Elevator (it doesn’t have to be technical in nature, you can opine on the Legal, Business and/or Public Outreach matters relating to a Space Elevator), then by all means – come to the Conference and share your knowledge!

For the past two conferences, I’ve given a paper on who I thought might be the first entities to build a Space Elevator – perhaps I will do so again this year.

Even if you don’t want to present a paper, you should attend this conference if you have any interest at all in this subject.  This is THE definitive conference about building a Space Elevator and most/all of the leading figures in the field will be attending.

You can view the entire “Call for Papers” document here (it’s in pdf format).  For the latest news about this conference, visit the Conference website.

Be there or be square!

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