Check out the new wheels for the Kansas City Space Pirates!

I received the following note from Brian Turner, captain of the Kansas City Space Pirates team which will be competing in the upcoming Space Elevator Games.  Check out his new wheels!

We have a new ship. One of the requirements for logistics this year is a self contained system. I had put off getting a new trailer until I knew what the requirements and budget would be. I was also just trying to delay the expense. This is a used trailer but has most all the features that we were looking for. Heated, cooled, window, dual axel and v-nose. After we started putting in all of the stuff I was thinking that perhaps a bigger one would have been better. But if needed we can still take the old 20 footer in addition.

And it looks like the competition date has slipped again. We are now in that in between stage where the April date is obviously unreachable but a new date has not been set. More on that later.

Now we just need to put a real big hole in the roof of this trailer for the laser to come out. I am considering naming the trailer so feel free to send me any suggestions. Right now it goes by the ominous name of “the trailer” The old trailer is probably suffering from an inferiority complex.

Most everything else is going well. We did add Asphericon ( ) as a major new sponsor and I am quite happy about that. We will now have a complete optics system second to none.

Brian Turner
Team Captain

In the last competition, only the team from USST had a trailer like this, complete with its self-contained laser system.  This year, everyone will.

This is going to be so cool…

(Click on the picture thumbnails for an enlarged view)

Update – Brian wants a name for his new ‘Pirate ship’.  Perhaps he should visit this website and use one of its suggestions.  Personally I like “The really, really mean minnow”… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Check out the new wheels for the Kansas City Space Pirates!

  1. James Hughes

    I think the best name would be “The Bounty” (no mutiny’s please). Or perhaps: “Inner-Prize”
    A tongue in cheek suggestion I just can’t resist: “The Good Ship Laser-pop.”

  2. Robert Cawthon

    Since you have a Pirate themed name, I would think that naming your trailer after one of the pirate ships (either real or ficticious) would be appropriate. I would say ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ (Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Teach), ‘Pride’ (Jean Lafitte), ‘Satisfaction’ (Henry Morgan), or, of course, the recent ‘Black Pearl’. Of those, I think ‘Satisfaction’ would be my choice.

  3. Robert Cawthon

    Just another thought. You should have two translucent sun roofs, one to remove for the laser, the other to give plenty of light inside. The other thing that would be nice is a roll up awning attached to one side of the trailer.That would give you a nice place to set up chairs and a table for breaks during the competition.

  4. Brian Turner

    Thanks for all the good suggestions. I will add them to the list and let the team vote.
    Currently, Black Pearl has been suggested 3 times, and Queen Anne’s Revenge has been suggested twice.
    I did want an awning. But the trailer is not quite tall enough. It would be a custom one and cost over $1000. So if we get some spare time (Not likely) we will take the one off of the old trailer and adapt it. Otherwise we will stick with our easy up tent thing.

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