News from the McGill Space Elevator Team

I guess my RSS reader (FeedDemon) has some issue with the McGill Space Elevator Team’s website – it’s not picking up the updates reliably.  Since my last update on them in October, they’ve posted a few more updates which I’ve missed and failed to pass along…

Anyway, from their three latest updates we learn that;

The composite panels have been completed for the 2 climbers we plan to make. Construction of the frame will begin shortly after we receive the proper drill bits to make the necessary holes in the composites.


Despite having only the smaller of the two drill bit sizes, we have drilled the necessary holes to make our first climber. The entire mechanical construction will be done in January.

and (just two days ago)

We recently discovered that our antennas aren’t synchronizing with the correct gain. Development will still progress on the communication front, but debugging will be delayed.

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  1. SpaceFan

    Any progress on when the next power-beaming competition will be held? How are the teams coping with fundraising in light of the uncertainty in competition date?

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