2nd International Conference on Space Elevator and CNT Tether Design

I’m interrupting my posts on tether strength as I, today, received this email from Markus Klettner of EuroSpaceward;

Dear Ted

Find enclosed the Book of Abstracts (2 parts) on our Luxembourg conference on Dec 6-7 FYI.

The gathering has been highly constructive. Excellent presentation were given, notably by Prof. Vesselin Shanov UC (unexpected stop of growth of pure nanotube arrays at approx 2 cm length that is inexplicable at the moment…hopes are there that it may be overcome), Prof. Nicola Pugno (thermodynamical limits for a mega cable, the impacts of holes and cracks and 3 proposed approaches to eventually push the limits), Brad
on manned space elevator, latest achievements on fibre strength and production at CRRP Bordeaux and Cambridge held by Prof. Cécile Zakri resp.  Marcelo Motta.
Highlights were also the lectures of Akira on Japanese activities and of Prof. Cockell on saving our world by seeking others!

Presentations will be soon online on EuroSpaceward’s member website and a detailed summary will be posted in the news part.

Best regards


The two (pdf) abstracts are available here and here.

Thank you Markus!