Aussie aussie aussie! Oy oy oy!

G’day mate!  What could be better than cooking some shrimp on the barbie and a Tallie of amber fluid?  Is there a space elevator in Australia’s future or doesn’t this stand Buckleys?

Money quote from the article:

“The Senate Standing Committee on Economics said Australia is missing out on significant innovation and technology opportunities because it lacks a space agency…among other possible projects highlighted by the committee was the building of a space elevator, essentially an extremely strong cable stretching from the surface up into space, off the coast of Western Australia.”

The location mentioned, “off the coast of Western Australia” has been identified as one of the very best locations to put a Space Elevator (near the equator and very unexciting weather all year ’round) and it’s nearly London to a brick, regardless of who builds the first one, it will be located here.  It would make all sorts of sense for the Aussie’s to participate even though the chosen site is Back of Bourke, opposite the Coat Hanger.

One other item in the article of note – Australia was the fourth country to launch their own satellite, a fact I did not know.  Then, of course, I was reminded of Woomera.  Good onya mates!

One other Aussie note; Phil Ragan, co-author Leaving the Planet by Space Elevator, is, I believe, an Australian bloke, so perhaps he can help persuade the Australian government to Captain Cook this idea.

(Concept drawing of an ocean port from the LiftPort Archives, here.  Picture of the Boomer from here.  Click on it for a larger version.  Australian slang from here.)

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