“Men in sheds rule the world…”

Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, the BBC Video with the National Space Society (NSS) Space Elevator Team is now available (I blogged about this earlier, here).

The theme is that the Space Elevator would make a wonderful vehicle for lifting Solar Power Satellites into space.  The video is in two parts;




It’s nice to see Matt Abrahms (from the old StarClimber team) again – Hi Matt!


Oh, and the quote in the title of this post?  That comes from the narrator of these videos, James May.  He also has that wonderful pronunciation of our state of Maryland (“Mare-eee-land”).

3 thoughts on ““Men in sheds rule the world…”

  1. Bert Murray

    We finally recieved a copy of the BBC Show that we were part of. Here’s a clip of it. James May is the super-brilliantiant host of Top Gear on the BBC.

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