JpSEC2008 – The 1st Japan Space Elevator Conference 2008

The 1st Japan Space Elevator Conference is coming up very quickly, only about 5&1/2 weeks away.  The Times Online story about this conference has been picked up by EVERYONE.

It is going to be a noteworthy event, one well worth attending.  The Japan Space Elevator Association website has now been translated into English as well as the conference flyer (available here and also on their website, of course).

From the conference flyer:

“Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) will hold the first Japan Space Elevator Conference 2008 (JpSEC2008) where ”the Space Elevator”, the space vehicle having a potential to drastically change the future for mankind, will be discussed.

The program details are described as below.In this first conference, in addition to the technical sessions for scientists and engineers in the field, noticeable scientists and guests from both home and abroad will deliver lectures to widely introduce the Space Elevator to the public and provide the audience an opportunity to think about and discuss the future of Japan.”

As with the December European Space Elevator conference (recently mentioned here on this blog), a veritable list of “Who’s who” will be giving presentations.  If you are at all interested in this idea, you should make every effort to attend one or both of these conferences.

With the American Space Elevator Conference (held in July), the Japan Space Elevator Conference (coming in November), the European Conference on Space Elevator & Carbon Nanotube Tether Design (coming in December), the upcoming Space Elevator Games (coming up in the first quarter of 2009) and the growing knowledgebase regarding the manufacturing and handling of carbon nanotubes, the momentum is clearly building.  Every day I grow more optimistic that I may actually get to see this thing built and that is the number one item on my “Bucket List“.

See you in Japan!

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