More Space Elevator aerobics…

Several days ago, I put up a post about LaserMotive and their “Mark II” version of a treadmill that they’re using this year to test out their climber.

In the latest post on the LaserMotive Blog, team member Tom Nugent shows off the latest accomplishments of the new LaserMotive drive mechanism.

Very impressive – let’s see how it holds up in the competition…

The YouTube video of the test is both on the LaserMotive blog and here, below.



Check out the LaserMotive Blog for the rest of the story and a link to the press release they issued about this test.

2 thoughts on “More Space Elevator aerobics…

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  2. Space Games

    Interesting device, it will be amazing to see if any of these ideas come into practical use during my lifetime. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of space elevators ever since reading Red Mars, years ago.

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