Daily Archives: October 7, 2007

More from Arthur C. Clarke…

It is no mystery why this blog has had several references / postings to Arthur C. Clarke.  In addition to being an outstanding sci-fi writer and futurist, he is also the guy who, more than anyone else, has popularized the concept of a Space Elevator.

In his latest missive (available here), he talks about many things, including his pleasure at the gradual acceptance of the idea of a Space Elevator and his three wishes:

1. A method to generate limitless quantities of clean energy.

2. Affordable and reliable means of space transport.

3. Eliminating the design faults in the human body

I can only agree.  Sir Clarke turns 90 this year, on December 16th.  I hope there is some sort of celebration planned for this.

Read the article – it’s quite enjoyable…