More YouTube Videos…

There are a few more Space Elevator-related videos posted on YouTube that I would like to reference:

First is one from the Civilization IV computer game, showing a sped-up version of a Space Elevator being constructed:

The second is, I think, an animation intended to show how, in the future, space elevator travel will be routine.  At least that’s what I think the lame soundtrack of airline traffic is supposed to portend:


The last two videos are two more postings from the Spaceminers team – entrants into the 2005 and 2006 Space Elevator Games:


And now I think I’m caught up on YouTube vides…

One thought on “More YouTube Videos…

  1. lunas001

    Your second video is from the freeware sim Obiter. The soundtrack is actual apollo radio with atc radio. It was made for fun to show an idea created for a great sim.

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