“A binocular wearing albino 6 year old that never blinks”

In preparation for this year’s Space Elevator Games, the teams competing hold a weekly online “chat” session, hosted by Ben Shelef of the Spaceward Foundation, the organizer of this year’s (and every year’s) Space Elevator Games.

One of the paramount concerns is SAFETY, for the teams, for the Spaceward crew and especially for the spectators.  Unlike previous years, this year we have an excellent chance of having one or more teams powering their climbers with either Lasers or Microwaves.  Both of these technologies are safe, if proper precautions are taken, and these precautions are discussed in many of our chats, including today’s.

To emphasize his point about how careful the teams must be, Ben was trying to draw a worst-case scenario for them.  He wanted them to make viewing their team entrys safe, even if, in the audience, there was a “a binocular wearing albino 6 year old that never blinks.”

I’m sure it’s possible to imagine an even more worst-case scenario, but I’m sure you get the idea.  And hey, if you are (or you bring) someone who is “a binocular wearing albino 6 year old that never blinks” to the games, make sure you look me up – I’d love to post your picture on my blog :-)

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