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How do you climb into space?

The Starclimber team discusses the new robotics controller they’ve developed in their latest blog post.

1 comment March 30th, 2006

LiftPort March, 2005 General Newsletter Released

Liftport’s Executive VP-Media, Joe Julian, gives an update of their HALE platform, their carbon nanotube factory and robotic lifter and also posts a calendar of coming events that LiftPort personnel will be participating in.  The Newsletter can be found here.

Add comment March 26th, 2006

Delaware Valley Talk

A member of the Starclimber team will be giving a presentation on space elevators and the Starclimber project to the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers club.

Add comment March 23rd, 2006

Verifying the Parabola

The Starclimber team discusses testing the alignment of their parabolic reflector.

Add comment March 22nd, 2006

Reflector Work

The Starclimber team discusses roughing out their parabolic trough reflector and mentions that they will not be ready for their demo until sometime in April.

Add comment March 21st, 2006


The Spacescraper blog weighs in on how a Space Elevator will promote the construction of a Spacescraper.

Add comment March 19th, 2006

The 62,000-Mile Elevator Ride

The online version of Business 2.0 discusses the Space Elevator here.  Note that clicking on the link will open up the March, 2006 issue.  Navigate to page 78 for the article.  No registration is required. also has the article here.

Add comment March 18th, 2006

LiftPort March, 2006 Technical Newsletter released

In the March Technical Newsletter, LiftPort’s Research Director Tom Nugent writes about “The Lifter Shield: A More Robust Lifter Vehicle.” The Newsletter can be found here.

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Moon-Age Nightmare

The antiwar blog has its own opinion about the proposal to add a plank in support of building a space elevator to the Republican 2006 campaign.

Add comment March 15th, 2006

Proposed: build a skyscraper

At the blog, Karl Lembke references the proposal for the Republicans to add a plank to their 2006 campaign in support of building a space elevator.  Karl notes that Jerry Pournelle has opined that for the cost of the first year’s war in Iraq, the US could have built and launched a solar-power satellite system.

1 comment March 15th, 2006

Elevating Elephants

James Miller proposes that the Republicans should add support of a Space Elevator to their 2006 campaign.

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Unsolicited Political Advice

Over at the QandO blog, Dale Franks writes skeptically about the proposal that the Republicans add a plank to their 2006 campaign in support of building a space elevator.  Many comments, pro & con, were generated by this post.

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Space: The final junkyard

A lengthy article in, the online arm of the San Francisco Chronicle, discusses potential problems that can be caused by space debris.  Much of the discussion centers around the danger (real or imagined) that such debris could pose for a space elevator.

1 comment March 13th, 2006

LiftPort March, 2006 Art Newsletter released

The “Lead Designer of LiftPort” discusses why he is broke and, incidentally, releases his latest drawings.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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The Great Space Elevator

Gizmodo says that a Space Elevator would be sexy.

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