Text Box: Space Exploration 2007 
The Second International Conference and Exposition on Science, Engineering and Habitation in Space and the Second Biennial Space Elevator Workshop 
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Presented by
The Space Engineering and Science Institute 
Cosponsored by the Aerospace Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Text Box: The Albuquerque Marriott
Pyramid North

















Program & Schedule


Sunday March 25


Evening Public Talk


The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)


"What Are We Looking At?"          Bruce Levin    6:30 to 6:55

Breathtaking photos of astronomical objects observed and studied by astronomers of all disciplines.


"Observing Using Binoculars"      Dale Murray    7:00 to 7:30
Explores binocular backyard astronomy.       


 "Hale-Bopp 10 Years Later" Alan Hale 7:30 to 8:00  


Observing With TAAS                                            8:00 to 9:00

Scopes and Astronomers


Conference Registration will be open from 4:30 until 6:15 pm  on Sunday                         


Monday March 26


Registration will be open from 7:30 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. Monday and during coffee breaks and lunch.


Announcements and Opening Remarks                                           8:15-8:30


“Earthrise and More”           Keynote Talk by Alan Hale                8:30-9:20


Alan Hale will discuss Earthrise as well as other projects which currently share his interests.  Simply stated, the Earthwise Project uses astronomy, space, and other related endeavors as a tool for breaking down international and intercultural barriers and for bringing humanity together.

Alan is an astronomer with a rich background in space exploration and education.  Of course he is well known for the discovery of the Comet Hale-Bopp.


Space Elevator Jr. Robotics Competition

Text Box: Student Robotic Competition
 Space Elevator Jr 
Watch the Teams’ Climbers Ascend in the Hotel Atrium.







                                                                   9:00-5:00 Monday and Tuesday


“The Space Elevator: Conceptual Design”        

Keynote Talk by Bryan Laubscher                                          9:20-10:10


An overview of the conceptual design that is currently being pursued by a majority of the space elevator community will be presented. Also, a perspective will be given on what space elevators will mean to human civilization.

Bryan Laubscher is an astrophysicist who has worked at the Los Alamos National Lab for a number of years.  He has shared some entrepreneurial pursuits and worked closely with Brad Edwards on space elevator technology development.


Coffee Break                                                                                  10:10-10:30



“Lunar Base Concepts”  Keynote Talk by Haym Benaroya         10:30-11:20


A historical review with an engineering perspective on design and construction, and suggestions of what may evolve as NASA builds the first bases.

Haym Benaroya, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University, and Director of the Center for Structures in Extreme Environments.


Lunch and Observe Robotics Competition                             11:20-12:20


“Media Activities Directing Public Interest Toward Space.”       

Keynote Talk by David Livingston                                            12:20-1:10


This talk will be on new media and media directions and how best to use and capitalize on these available cutting edge tools to effectively promote space development and specific space projects.

 Dr. David Livingston is  the host of the The Space Show®, the nation’s only talk radio show focusing on increasing space commerce, developing space tourism, and facilitating our becoming space-faring.  Dr. Livingston also works as a business consultant, financial advisor, strategic planner, and major space advocate.


1:10-3:30 Paper Session A    


1:10Justification of a Single Stage Carbon Oxidation-Nitrification Reactor for Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment in Water Recovery for a Terrestrial Space Exploration Mission” -- Jason Crawley                                  


1:30Equivalent System Mass Comparison of Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems” -- Darryl Low                                                    


1:50 “The Effects of a Biological Water Processor’s Gas Streams on a Closed-Loop Atmosphere” -- Nicholas Landes                                  


2:10 “Settlement 101:  Building a Sustainable Presence on the Moon”                           Kevin Greene   


2:30:  Developing Moonquake-Proof Structures” – Yu Qiao, Presenter,

A. Alice Han and Kake Zhu


2:50  “Construction in Challenging Environments Using Intelligent Technology” --  Vellanki Kumar     


3:10 “Popular Interest in Space Exploration” – Carla Sabotta  


Coffee Break                                                                                  3:30-3:50


3:50-6:10 Paper Session B      


3:50  Developing Lunar Cements Using Raw Lunar Dusts”

Yu Qiao, Presenter, A. Alice Han


4:10 “Why the Moon” – Haym Benaroya   


4:30Fabrication And FEM Analysis Of A Foldable Composite Telescope”– Daniel Garcia, Presenter,  Arup K. Maji, Brett deBlonk and Jeffery Whetzal   


4:50Reality Check:  Lunar Commerce 2007:  How To Be Taken Seriously”– David Livingston


5:10 “Who Will Build the First, Earth Based, Space Elevator”–Ted Semon


Text Box:  5:30Long Range Electromechanical Power Transmission Along Space Transportation Structures” – J. E. D. Cline                  


5:50Space Catapult, an Inexpensive Way to Launch Payloads From Earth” – Mel Prueitt      









Conference Reception and Mixer       6:50-8:45




Tuesday, March 27


Registration will be open from 7:30 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday and during Coffee Break  and lunch


Announcements and Opening Remarks                                           8:15-8:30


“The Challenge of Returning to the Moon”

Keynote Talk by         John Connolly                                                 8:30-9:20


Following President Bush’s 2004 challenge to return astronauts to the moon as a stepping stone to Mars, NASA created an architecture that linked near term missions to the International Space Station, a next-decade return to the lunar surface, and an eventual human mission to Mars.

John Connolly joined NASA in 1987.   He currently leads the engineering design of NASA’s next human lunar lander.   As a member of the Constellation Program Office at JSC, he is part of the NASA team that is defining future systems that will return crews to the moon and transport them to Mars and beyond.


Return to the Moon – Lunar Surface Facilities and Architectures”  

Keynote Talk by  Larry Toups                                                   9:20-10:10


This talk will focus on NASA’s Constellation Program and its most recent concepts for lunar facilities.

Larry Toups is an aerospace engineer and has worked for NASA JSC for a number of years.  He currently works for the Constellation Advanced Projects Office.  Larry participated in the engineering for the Space Station as well as many projects related to development of lunar and planetary surface facilities.


Coffee Break                                                                                  10:10-10:30


Panel Discussion/Audience Participation


Concepts of NASA Interaction with the Private Sector

                   Phil Richter, Moderator                                             10:30-11:30


Representatives of NASA and the private sector will discuss views of working together for developing effective missions.


Lunch and Observe Robotics Competition                                    11:30-12:30


Panel Discussion/Audience Participation


“Settlements that Endure:  Economic Sustainability and Evolutionary Economics” – Kevin Greene, Moderator                                12:30-1:30                  

A discussion on “economic sustainability" and what it means - and how this policy goal can transform many aspects of Lunar development, from organization and financing of the development process, down to the details of settlement layout and design."


1:30-2:30 Paper Session C                 


1:30Developing Ultrahigh Performance Thermoelectric Systems for Space Energy Harvesting – Yu Qiao, Presenter,  A. Alice Han


1:50 Rationale behind LiftPort's Beta Roadmap – Tom Nugent 


2:10 Space Elevator and Rocket Cost Comparison – Bryan Laubscher


 Coffee Break                                                                                 2:30-2:50


 2:00-5:30 Paper Session D                


2:50 “The Space Elevator and Planetary Defense”– Bryan Laubscher


3:10 “European Spaceward Association” – Bradley Edwards


3:30 “Some Aspects of Space Elevator Ribbon  Elastic Stress and Length Reduction”–, S. A. Ambartsumian ,M. V. Belubekyan and            K. B. Ghazaryan, Presenter


3:50 “The Space Elevator: What’s In It For Me”– Brad Neumann

4:10 “Space Elevator Questions Database”– Tom Nugent


4:30 “Application of the “Four Pillars of Infrastructure Development” to the Space Elevator”– Michael Laine


4:50A Different Space Elevator Approach”– Frederick Cowan, Jon N. Leonard


5:10 “The Space Elevator and its Role in Mitigating Threats to Earth”

Bryan Laubscher


 Conference Banquet                                                                            6:45 – 9:00


Wednesday March 28


Announcements and Opening Remarks                                  8:15-8:30


“The Space Elevator:  Problems, Progress, and Plans”

Keynote Talk by Brad Edwards                                                8:30-9:20


This presentation will focus on the progress to date on Space Elevator development efforts and Brad’s view on major problems and future directions.

                   Brad Edwards is an astrophysicist who worked at the Los                         Alamos National Lab and later at ISR (The Institute for                        Scientific Research).  He is currently engaged in Space                      Elevator entrepreneurial activities and has authored two                     books on the Space Elevator.


“Space Elevator Games” Keynote Talk by Ben Shelef                9:20-10-20


This presentation will discuss the brief history of space related competitions and prizes.  Ben will share his experience in competing and winning the NASA solicitation for the Space Elevator games. A synopsis of the latest Space Elevator Games will also be presented.

Ben Shelef is an aerospace engineer and is director of marketing at S2-Engineering in Mountain View, CA.  As a space advocate Ben is a member of the Spaceward Foundation Team.


Coffee Break                                                                             10:20-10:40


Panel Discussion/Audience Participation


“Shotgun Science Session”– Bryan Laubscher, Moderator 10:40-11:40


This “panel discussion” is planned to be a rapid succession of very short (5 minutes) presentations by conference participants. The idea is to discuss a topic, concept, observation or position that is not ready to be a paper. Each speaker gets to present up to 2 viewgraphs and answer one question. After this session, audience members can discuss their ideas, interest and receive feedback over lunch.


Lunch                                                                                          11:40 – 12:30                                    


Panel Discussion/Audience Participation


“Global Space Elevator Road Map Workshop”

 Bryan Laubscher,  Moderator                                                  12:30- 1:50


          A roadmap for development prepared by the space elevator      community at large would be of significant benefit in providing   technical direction.  As in other brainstorming efforts all ideas will    be considered and evaluated and everyone may contribute to       provide a useful product.   


Coffee Break                                                                                 1:50-2:10


“Space Elevator Global Roadmap Workshop” Continued 2:10-3:30


Conference Wrap-up                                                                             3:30-4:00




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Call Philip J Richter at (505) 670-5296 Email: filipi@aol.com














































SUNDAY--March 25 


4:30-6:15 p.m.                Registration                             

6:30-9:00 p.m.               Public Talk  by The Albuquerque Astronomical Society


MONDAY--March 26



 7:30    8:15                  Registration

 8:15  --  8:30                 Announcements & Opening Remarks

 8:30  --  9:20                 Earthrise and More -- Alan Hale

 9:00 --   5:00                 Space Elevator Jr. Robotics Competition

 9:20  -- 10:10                The Space Elevator:  Conceptual Design -- Bryan Laubscher

10:10 --10:30                 Coffee Break  and Registration

10:30 -- 11:20                Lunar Bases and Facilities -- Haym Benaroya  

11:20 -- 12:20                Lunch and Observe Robotics Competition

12:20  -  1:10                 Mediia  Activities Directing Public. Interest Toward Space -- David Livingston 

 1:10  --  3:30                 Paper Session A

 3:30  --  3:50                 Coffee Break and Registration

 3:50   6:10                 Paper Session B

 6:50  --  8:45                 Conference Reception and Mixer



TUESDAY--March 27


 7:30    8:15                  Registration

 8:15 – 8:30                   Announcements & Opening Remarks

 8:30 – 9:20                   The Challenge of Returning to the Moon -- John Connolly

 9:20 – 10:10                 Return to the Moon – Lunar Surface Facilities and Architectures -- Larry Toups

10:10--10:30                  Coffee Break and Registration

10:30 -11:30                  Interaction Between NASA and the Public Sector -- Moderator: Phil Richter

11:30--12:30                  Lunch and Observe Robotics Competition

12:30 –1:30                   Settlements that Endure:  Economic Sustainability and Evolutionary Economics

                                    Moderator: Kevin Greene

1:30– 2:30                     Paper Session C

2:30 –2:50                     Coffee Break

2:50 – 5:30                    Paper Session D

6:45 – 9:00                    Banquet







 8:15 --  8:30                  Announcements & Opening Remarks

 8:30 –– 9:20                 Space Elevator: Progress, Problems and Perspective -- Brad Edwards

 9:20 –- 10:20                The Space Elevator Games -- Ben Shelef

10:20-- 10:40                 Coffee Break

10:40-- 11:40                 Shotgun Science Session -- Bryan Laubscher, Moderator:

11:40-- 12:30                 Lunch

12:30 -- 1:50                  Space Elevator Global Roadmap Workshop - Bryan Laubscher,  Moderator:

 1:50 –– 2:10                 Coffee Break

 2:10 –– 3:30                 Space Elevator Roadmap continued -- Bryan Laubscher, Moderator

 3:30––-4:00                  Conference Wrap-up



Text Box: Conference Registration Fees
Regular 	         		$350
Presenters                	 	$275 
Steering Committee  		$275
Retirees                    		$225
One day *                  		$175
Students *  			$ 50
*Does not include Proceedings or Banquet 
  Extra Banquet Ticket		$ 50
  Student Banquet Ticket	$ 25


Text Box: Conference at the Marriott Pyramid Hotel
Call (800) 262-2043 and mention SEC 2007 or register online at
 www.marriott.com  enter our group code which is: spespea  Conference  rate is 70.00 per room