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Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 3:30 AM
Subject: LiftPort - May General Newsletter

The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

As you've probably heard, Michael Laine lost his building last month, and with it went most of our funding. The majority of our day-to-day operations were funded directly from Michael's personal finances - the majority of which came from his commercial real estate. We're not done yet, however.

LiftPort Group has had to undergo some serious scrutiny and we've had to focus on a much narrower list of objectives in the near future. Almost all our focus, lately, is taking what we have already developed and making it into a commercial product, namely Tethered Towers.

Tethered Towers will be performing a public demonstration of our technology in June. If you think you might have an idea on how to utilize this product, we would like to encourage you to attend. We will be demonstrating our current capability and detailing our future capabilities. If you have a R&D department that could make use of this product, be sure to attend as well.

Keep your eyes peeled

We've been doing some interesting business planning and will be announcing it soon. Check our web site often for some exciting news.

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Our blogs have been rolling regularly. Check in on them occasionally to see what we've been doing daily, or add them to your RSS feeds.

We do speaking engagements

We are available for speaking events. To have a speaker attend your gig, email us at


Michael Laine, President of LiftPort Group, has set a hard date by which we must turn this company profitable. We must produce 25k/month in revenue by September 1st or we will be dissolving the corporation. It's possible. We have tons of books and other retail items yet to be sold, we have the Tethered Towers balloon product, we have great speakers, we even have a non-working nanotube furnace on the other side of the country that needs a lift. Some of these could produce that revenue on their own; several of them together should be able to do it.

Change the world!

We need more employees that can write their own paycheck. If you can help this company stay in business, do it. If you can sponsor, find sponsors, commercialize something we've done or can do, can find grants, can issue grants... The space elevator will be our generation's greatest accomplishment. Be a part of it.

We know all this sounds dire. It's not. We can and will succeed.

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