The 2007 Light Racers Competition – Part 3

Here are some more videos and photos from this year’s Light Racers Competition.

The two photos shown are indicative of what a family affair many of the entries were.

The first video is of Eddie, one of the competitors, telling us why Light-powered cars will be important in Lunar Exploration.


The second video is one of the qualifying runs of the entry from the Technology Tycoons.  This car was, by far, the largest entry.  It vaguely reminded me of a bathtub or a large bucket or something like that.  I had seen this car running outside during the day, powered by sunlight, and it was running very well and very quickly.  And, unlike some of the others, the steering on this on was controllable via Remote-Control.  Once inside, however, it had much more difficulty in doing it’s runs.  It still was an impressive entry, however, and everyone enjoyed watching it.


As always, click on the picture thumbnails to see a larger version.