2007 Space Elevator Games – (Entry 6)

A few more YouTube Videos of today’s activities.

This first one is of the building now currently called “Climber Row.”  The Climber teams are setting up shop here for last minute work.  Wednesday or Thursday, they will exit this building and move their Climbers to the Exhibition Hall.  This building, then, will become the home for the Light Racers competition, basically RC cars powered by beams of light.  At the end of the video, we see Ben Shelef – fearless leader of the whole shebang


This next video is of Exhibition Hall, where the Climbers are going to be moved to once they are ready to go.  They should all be mounted on tethers hanging from the ceiling in front of their “stalls”.  If we can get all of them to be displayed at one time, it should look outstandingly cool…


This last video is a 360 degree panoramic shot.  I was standing between the Climber Row and Exhibition Hall buildings…