News from the Kansas City Space Pirates…

I received this email from Brian Turner, fearless leader of the KC Space Pirates:

“Well sometime mistakes are noteworthy enough to admit.

I made a mistake in that I started mixing budget and engineering numbers. I did this a few months back when the budget and the engineering were thoroughly mixed with each other in reality. I took the budget power output numbers and fed them into the engineering worksheet. This caused a fudge factor for motor efficiency to get doubled. I have been working with these numbers for the past few months.

The upside is now that I have corrected the problem it appears that not only do we have enough power. We have enough to be competitive for first place.

The UPS man is stopping by almost daily and the collections of unidentifiable parts in the garage are starting to come together.  Will still need to keep an eye on fund raising as the hotels and gas are a couple of thousand. With that in mind I am announcing the following:

Sale on unsold advertising space. 30% off of ad space less than $1500 and 50% off on the big ones. Plus I am going to offer a commission to other teams to cross market space on each others climbers. That will help advertisers be sure to get their message across. Check our web site for a details.”