2006 Space Elevator Games Video posted

Over on this Blog’s sidebar, in the Images & Animation section, I’ve posted a video summary of the 2006 Space Elevator Games.  It’s the best one I’ve found and I’ve had hopes that it’s producers would put it up on their website, in archives or something.  Alas, it has not happened and they have refused to respond to repeated emails on my part.

So this evening I traversed some of the interesting challenges in converting DVD-Video to Flash with the result that you can see here or by clicking on the link in the sidebar.

Yes I know it’s not well integrated into the site, no background or common theme, etc.  Maybe later, if/when I decide to tackle that challenge I’ll make it look better.  For now, I’m just happy it’s there.

Please check it out – it’s worth a look (thanks, Brian)…

1 thought on “2006 Space Elevator Games Video posted

  1. Michael Laine

    thanks ted, for all the video that i have seen of the elevator games, this is perhaps the best.

    tom nugent is seen for a moment in the background of the crowd, and the annimation for the sequence is ours. i dont remember releasing it to them, because its a very old annimation. maybe 3 years ago or so.

    the games were a lot of fun, and i have high hopes for next year. take care. mjl

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