Meet ISEC’s new eNewsletter editor

I’m very pleased to announce that Yi-Jeng Huang, a resident of the Canada, has agreed to join ISEC as our new eNewsletter editor.

Yi-Jeng brings a lot of experience in creating and editing newsletters to the table as well as a passion for the Space Elevator.  He attended the recent Space Elevator conference and volunteered his services there.

With Yi-Jeng heading up the effort, I’m confident that ISEC’s eNewsletter will get better by orders of magnitude in the very near future.

Thank you Yi-Jeng and welcome aboard!

You can sign up for ISEC’s eNewsletters here.

(Click on the picture thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.  Yi-Jeng can be reached at yi-jeng.huang [at]

1 thought on “Meet ISEC’s new eNewsletter editor

  1. Steve Herrick

    I’ve been working on the SE without direction from the ISEC community. When I began exploring the details and options for the installation of a SE it seemed that the community had made assumptions that were ill-advised or narrowly focused. In reality there wasn’t any installation agenda other than a seed cable delivered by a satellite. This sounded good. But in reality was unrealistic. ISEC seemed to content to wait for future events rather than utilizing existing resources. This newsletter can provide points of contact and archives so that interested parties can network. Possibly selecting a group that shares a common vision.
    Be sure to research LENR 2012 Cold Fusion, and harvesting energy from automobiles..
    Good luck
    Steve Herrick

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